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Membership Changes

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At the 2013 Annual Cottagers’ Meeting, a moment of silence was observed for all MPCA members who had passed away during the year.  Listed are the names of those members that were read:  

Elizabeth Lister                         2437 Bluebell Court

Patricial Hubbel-Boucher           2450 Hahant Path

Barbara & Christian Peper         2378 Maksaba Trail

Dean Den Uyl                            2338 Crescent Walk

Alice Hoffs                                 2450 Michigan Walk

Dorothy Phillips                        2421 Interlake Walk

Steve Schmid                           2436 Grove Walk                  

We offer the families of these Macatawa residents our sympathies.  Additional information about your loved ones is welcome if you want it published in the online newsletter; everyone has a story and we honor those who have gone before us.

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