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Estelle Sager Leven, 90

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Estelle Sager Leven, 90, passed away on August 23, 2013.  Estelle and her husband Paul (deceased) spent many years at Macatawa Park enjoying their cottage in the South Hill area.  They loved sailing and were members of Macatawa Bay Yacht Club.  Estelle was known as a “futurist” with tremendous vision.  She was involved with organizations focusing on the changing role of women in society and environmental concerns.  In June, 1988, Estelle’s article entitled “Winds of Change… Hindsight, Vision, and Other Related Topics” appeared in the Macatawa Park Newsletter; her comments in the article remain very relevant to us living in Macatawa Park today.  Click on this link if you wish to read her article:  Estelle Levin article     Many thanks to Shirley Swaney who provided the content  for this post, and the Leven article.

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