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Up and Running!

Posted by on 2 in Neighborhood News

Happy July 18, patient Macatawa residents.  The website that replaced our beloved newsletter disappeared a couple of years ago due to circumstances beyond our control.  Thanks to Jafer Patterson and Bonnie Gronberg and a myriad of capable techies working behind the scenes, we are now on the air.

This is our first note, to get your attention.  To follow:  information regarding the gatehouse staff and future transitions, trash talk, important dates, beach and renter protocol, and encouragement to submit your questions, comments, pictures.  We hope to create a community newsletter…all four sections of old Macatawa and our new section of PW1 residents.

Most of the residents of Macatawa paid their dues this year (hurray: areas of security and beach cleaning and trash and electricity and infrastructure thank you), and we hope lots of you plan to attend Macatawa Days activities during the weekend of August 4–fun for kids, fun for all (including our favorite band on Saturday night, with Tombo Bryant and John Arendshorst).  More info on that later.  You know, after the hard news.

The newsletter team is glad to be back.  Please be sure to go on:  macatawapark.com .  If you are a paid member of MPCA, your email address (user name) is registered.   Put in password (sent to you in mass email from MPCA).  No need to change password.  Please note:  original email stated macatawapark.org     NOT CORRECT.      It is macatawapark.com

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