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Trash Talk, Updated for 2018

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Another summer, another Annual Cottagers’ Meeting (July 7). It is clear that waste collection is a major issue.
Included in your directory is an information sheet from Republic Services, which bought out Chef Container earlier this year. This lists days/months of trash pickup, and some changes.  Republic is a national company, and while it will honor our current contract, it is less flexible in many ways.

Please note:
1. No July dumpster scheduled for North/Central Beach this year.
2. No collection of ‘yard waste’/bio-degradeables–do not include with weekly trash pickups. You may take this material to Republic, or call a local waste hauler or a landscaping firm.

3.  You may bring large/bulky items to Republic, or call a local hauler.
4.. In September, trash collection will return to Mondays only. As usual.
5. In October, EVERY SECTION in Macatawa Park will use a dumpster which will be placed in the Upper Parking Lot (there will be no individual hill pickup, as in past years). Every MPCA member will receive an email invoice for winter trash (each month listed individually from October thru April); once an amount is paid, the residence owner will be able to use the dumpster for the months paid. Residents may not use this off-season dumpster if they have not paid for it for the months indicated on the invoice.  This may involve using a different PIN code to get past the last Central Beach gate to the parking lot, which will be sent later.

5.  Next year, as usual, members will receive a new contractors’ code with the dues invoice, for use after Memorial Weekend. Trash collection will resume, with paid dues.

6.  Wanted:  new Trash Czar.  Make your own hours, create your own royal relationships with Republic and Macatawa residents, expand areas of expertise.  Apply now!    [email protected]


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