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And before you leave Macatawa…..

Posted by on 2 in Neighborhood News

Always sad to say goodbye to another summer season…. But as you pack up and say your farewells to your neighbors, remember to put away all the toys on the beach.  Tell your renters also:   do NOT leave kayaks & other personal property on the beach through the fall and over the winter.  Snow fences will go up in mid-September, and beach toys are not only unsightly off-season, but they will get lost or ruined.

Thank you, and y’all take care now.  We will look forward to seeing everyone next year (and maybe even once in a while outside of summer)….

P.S.  Remember that trash collection is Tuesday this week, and then Mondays only for the rest of September.  Republic will let us know exactly what the winter trash situation will look like after that— and that will be posted.  (Continuing transitional changes from Chef….)

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