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At Last: Trash Update!

Posted by on 2 in Neighborhood News

Thanks to your hard-working trustees, the off-season trash situation has been resolved with Republic.  We are sorry that it took so long….again, the transition from Chef to Republic has occasionally been less than smooth….but the good and calm and relentless trustees of Macatawa have prevailed.  Our previous waste contract has been honored and the post-summer trash service can proceed.

  1.  South and North Hills:  same as in past years.  Trash will be collected curbside at individual residences once weekly, on Mondays.  If weather is inclement, trash will not be collected that Monday, but the truck will return the following Monday (instead of the next day). Billing will also be as in past years.   Information to follow regarding the ability to purchase partial off-season pickup, which was available last year.
  2. North and Central Beach:  same as in past years.  A dumpster will be placed in the Upper Lot, past the Central Beach gate. Location:  parking spots 107-108.  A change:  this year the dumpster will have a lockbar installed, with a lock that must be opened by a key.  Each resident in the “flats” will receive an email invoice from Linda Wood (MPCA assistant secretary/treasurer) as usual; the resident will check off which months s/he wants to use the dumpster, and then send a check for that amount to MPCA. Then the resident should contact trustee Mary Beth Mencarelli, year-round resident on Interlake, for a key to open the lock:  email   [email protected]  or  call 616.335.0833.    Please inform your renters.  It is hoped that the lock will discourage contractors and non-payers from unauthorized use.
  3. Of course, we expect everything to work out smoothly from Day One.  On the remote chance that it doesn’t, or if you have a question, please contact:  Nicki Arendshorst  616.283.2883/[email protected] or Mary Beth Mencarelli 616.335.0833/[email protected]
  4. Thank you for your patience and support.   Happy Fall, Happy Winter!


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