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Macatawa Park Manager Services Available

Posted by on 2 in Neighborhood News

As you know, Terry VandenBerg is our new gatehouse manager.  His presence will be most visible in the summer, with the gatehouse functioning and the Macatawa golfcart concierge service.  However, during the off-season, Terry has offered some additional services, for a fee.

  1. If your residence has EPS, Terry can be the individual that EPS calls in the case of an alarm (as well as the County Sheriff) while you are away.  He would have your code and a key. Terry charges $50 for the first two hours and $25 for each additional hour in a security situation.  He would check out the surroundings and help arrange boarding up or fixing a window, if needed.
  2. Terry has also offered to assess any fallen tree situation.  If it is something that Terry can handle on a non-emergent basis, then he will automatically charge a one-hour $25 charge.  If the work requires more time, the fee continues to be $25/hour.   An emergency downed tree that must be cleaned up immediately is an automatic 2-hour $50 fee.

Questions?  Please call or email Terry VandenBerg, manager of Macatawa Community Services   616.836.3649    or [email protected]

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