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Update: South/North Hill Trash Collection

Posted by on 2 in Neighborhood News

The Hills will continue with ongoing curbside trash pickup throughout the winter, as you know. Residents should call Republic to sign on (616.494.0561), as stated previously.

New:  Last year residents were able to contract for specific partial pickup, since not everyone is in residence all winter long.  This year, Republic has changed that a bit, to facilitate billing.  Annual billing will cost $146.00.  Quarterly billing will be $62.57.   This means that when a resident opts for “partial” trash collection, they will be signing up for three months at a time, whether they are actually there for three months at a time or not.  So if a South Hill resident wanted only October trash service, s/he will pay for the entire three months, October-December.  This is a change from last year.

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