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Something to think about, off-season…

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Last month, a Macatawa resident in the hills noticed a man try a door on the deck, apparently for entry.  This can and does happen, from time to time, as we must be aware.  This incident was reported to county law enforcement by an observer.

The MPCA hires Bill Tazelaar, a year-round member and lighthouse commissioner,  to make weekly security rounds.  Bill has been faithful in reporting doors or windows that have broken or blown open, and other events such as broken gates. He is not allowed to go in a structure or even close the door, but he does report and the message is sent to the owner.

Terry VandenBerg, the new gatehouse manager, is aware of this and does patrol the area on occasion, as do other local officers.  He has some recommendations for the off-season, when residents are few and activity is low:

  1. Have large and visible house numbers in the front of your cottage or wherever it is that first responders can see.  Macatawa’s geography is squirrelly enough without valuable time being wasted in looking for a residence.  This is wise at any time, especially when health issues arise or accidents occur.
  2. Lock your cottage or house.  Seems obvious, yet….
  3. Report any suspicious activity to your jurisdiction’s law enforcement.
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