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Security Changes & Information

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In the ongoing effort to ensure safety and security for residents of Macatawa:

  1.  During the month of July, a trial period of South Hill/Central Beach staffing detail will begin.  Instead of staff sitting solely at the base of Maksaba on Saturdays in July, the attendants will divide their time between monitoring South Hill’s entrance and monitoring the ‘chute’ in the Upper Parking Lot regarding potential golfcart parking issues.
  2.  Staff will be able to offer transport assistance back to the Beach or Hill.

This change is intended to provide a partial solution to both the issues of security at South Hill (a deterring presence) and to the increased use of the Central/Main Beach due to high water levels (South & North Hill beaches are almost nonexistent this year). All Macatawa residents are welcome to use the big beach north of these areas. Unfortunately, the main parking lot cannot accommodate golfcart parking.  Perhaps the gatehouse transportation can help this situation be less effortful…it’s a work in progress…hoping all will be patient during the busy season.  Safety and Fun.

3.  Please note:  gatehouse manager Terry VandenBerg also can be contacted to remove any trees and large limbs that fall & block the road.  616.836.3649.


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