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Wrong Recycling Information. Now Corrected.

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If we had tried, we could not have given out more erroneous information about recycling than we did.  Um, that I did.  It was a game of ‘telephone’ (or in 2019: texting) gone awry.

The familiar yellow bags that are picked up at the gatehouse or at Republic on Graafschap:  these will continue!! Recycle away in the manner to which you have become accustomed. No change here.  Repeat:  recycle using the yellow bags that are available in the gatehouse.  Trash still must be placed in bags inside a barrel, nothing loose.

The yellow tags that some of you were used to buying for extra bags of trash:  those will be gone when they’re gone. For extra trash, a resident must contact Republic and pay for an extra barrel for the season for the extra trash, even if you only need that extra pickup once.  Right now, each residence is allowed 2 barrels.  Three barrels, or four max, will cost you extra.

Apologies for the confusion….and no full moon to blame it on….

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