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Help wanted

Posted by on 2 in Neighborhood News

On Tuesday July 30 @ 11:58pm, the main gate arm at the gatehouse was deliberately broken by some young men. They drove into the lower gravel parking lot in what looks to be a dark GMC, hopped the fence and intentionally bent the gate arm until it snapped. Security cameras caught this. Unfortunately, the people have not been identified. The vehicle had entered the park earlier in the evening, so access was available.

If anyone knows about four young males–could be high school age, could be college age–who were out & about and feeling high-spirited that night, out for some late night fun, please contact Terry VandenBerg at the gatehouse (616.836.3649/616.298.1463). The gate arms are usually easily replaced, but at a cost: your dues pay for the cost of the gate arm itself, plus the time & effort that goes into replacing, ordering, billing. The use of security cameras and sometimes witnesses help to offset these costs: if the vehicle or person can be identified, Terry can transfer that cost, which can run to $250. Thank you!!

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