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Lake Michigan and E. coli?!

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An alert Macatawa resident and website reader (editors love that! this is your newsletter) directs our attention to the Ottawa County Health Department’s latest posting regarding the results of weekly water sampling from Holland State Park and environs. Last week was the first time this summer that E.coli levels at an Ottawa County beach tested above the “minimal risk of illness” threshold. The Health Dept. no longer issues advisories or closes beaches: the delay between testing and results means the water has already cleared within that 24-hour period. The information is found on the Holland State Park website and the Ottawa County Facebook page for anyone to read and become educated in personal decision-making.

A high level of E.coli doesn’t mean swimmers need to stay on the Lake Michigan shore. What IS recommended: don’t drink the water, don’t get it in your nose, wash your hands before eating and take a shower when you get home—something Lake Mac residents have known for years;)

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