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Labor Day. And trash.

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Sliding into the final days of the summer season, one beautiful heartbreaker of a day after the other….

To some of us at Macatawa, Labor Day weekend signals a change in the trash collection schedule, just when we thought we had it figured out. So, mark your calendars, people:

September 2: Labor Day Monday. Gatehouse closes down until May 2020.

September 4: Wednesday trash collection (one day delay after a holiday).

September 7: Saturday trash collection (one day delay after a holiday).

September 10: ONE day a week through September Tuesday collection begins. Repeat: trash collected only on Tuesdays during September. As always, put out the trash (in bags, inside barrels) the night before.

October 8: Tuesday.

  1. Dumpster arrives in Upper Parking Lot for residents of North Beach and Central Beach only. Before this, residents will receive a form to complete, indicating off-season use of dumpster on paid monthly basis. This is a separate billing from summer collection, which dues cover. Mary Beth Mencarelli, Trash Czar, will have keys to the lock on the dumpster for residents who have paid. No worries, all will be notified.
  2. Residents in South Hill/North Hill must call Republic before October 8 to indicate need for off-season weekly trash pickup on Tuesdays. This is billed separately from summer season also.
  3. Republic Customer Service: 1.877.698.7274; 1.614.922.9865. Lisa Osborn, Republic liaison: 616.886.2123.

October trash information will be repeated, once the September collection has been established. Questions? Mary Beth Mencarelli: 616.335.0833.

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