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Reminder: Spirit of Macatawa Walk tonight!

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If you’d like to walk the cottages with us, we will meet tonight, September 1st at 8:30 pm at Inverlochy cottage on Interlake Walk and begin the Spirit of Macatawa walk at approximately 9 p.m.  Everyone is welcome and especially all kids!!! We will have refreshments on hand as well as various costumes and noisemakers, but please feel free to bring your own!  
If you’re not walking, you can still participate by meeting and greeting us at your cottage (beverages and goodies accepted!). We will be touring the park from 9-10p with the traditional blessing. 
Hope to see you soon!    

And if you are joining in tonight, remember as we pass Ward Dobbin’s Villa Laura II cottage at 2430 Interlake Walk, please wish Ward a Happy 96th Birthday!!!

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