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Oh deer!

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Macatawa Park gatehouse manager Terry VandenBerg (Macatawa Community Services) is responsible primarily for security—hiring staff for the gatehouse and maintaining gate arms, keypads and cameras. He also organizes beach cleanup and package delivery services during the summer. In addition, Terry does a hundred other things to keep our area safe and livable. Two things that don’t occur often involve animals and trees.

Terry will remove and dispose of a dead deer for $150. (It happens, and it happened recently.) . In addition, he will evaluate the removal of trees & branches and can usually take care of those, too. (If it’s an emergency and he is unable to arrive on site quickly, he will refer that job to another service.)

We are fortunate that Terry is willing to be available for so many services in addition to his security responsibilities at Macatawa. Consider calling him first when you have a question regarding the Park: he will help you find the answer if he himself is unable to help out. Call or text cell: 616.836.3649 [email protected]

(You may also call or text gatehouse during summer: 616.298.1463.)

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