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One more time, with feeling

Posted by on 2 in Neighborhood News

Letters, we get letters. Tired of trash talk, some say. For those people: sorry, this note is about trash. To wit:

  1. South and North Hill residents: PLEASE CONTACT Lisa Osborn from Republic for Winter Trash Service. Call or text: 616.886.2123. Do it now. Trash will be collected the following Tuesday if the weather on Trash Tuesday is inclement. Put out your trash barrels the night before. Trash in bags, bags in barrels. NO LOOSE TRASH. Ever.
  2. Central and North Beach residents: Diana will email or mail information on signing up for Winter Trash Service, which involves using a dumpster in the Upper Parking Lot. Mary Mencarelli, Trash Czar, will have keys to the dumpster lock, once payment is received. Call or text: 616.335.0833.
  3. Winter Trash Collection Service begins Tuesday October 8 for all. Trash pickup will end for you if you haven’t contacted Republic (the Hills) or signed up for the use of the dumpster (the Flats).
  4. Trustees: please give this information to your non-internet-using residents.
  5. We are working with Republic in an effort to avoid the issues of the past summer–on Republic’s part and on residents’ part. Our job: pay for the service, bag your trash, set out the night before. Republic’s job: collect the trash on scheduled day, don’t break any gate arms.
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