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High Water

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Dear Residents of Macatawa: please note that new signs have been placed at the beginning of Macatawa Park, near the gatehouse. Other signs will be installed at various points within. The signs state: No Access to lighthouse due to Covid-19 and High Waters. These signs were mutually agreed upon by representative members of the Lighthouse Commission, MPCA, VAE and the Cottages at Pt.West.

The High Waters part of the sign refers to everyone, including residents of Macatawa: please do not walk down the channel (Harbor Walk) to visit Big Red; use the beach. The lakes are high and the channel walk gets covered with water and slippery. No one wants this kind of liability. This restriction is temporary.

These are unusual times. We are all doing our best to keep our Park and our beaches and our residents safe & healthy.

Thank you!

Nicki Arendshorst

[email protected]

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