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Macatawa is starting to open up. More cars, more people, more bikes, more dogs….all traveling down the same Bay Road past the gatehouse (unless you’ve taken the road less traveled up Maksaba)……


Gatehouse manager Terry VandenBerg installed a speed bump right before the gatehouse entrance, to protect staff from vehicles entering at high speeds. In years past, speed bumps have been installed on Interlake and elsewhere…but they are an imperfect way to reduce a car’s speed, and few people like them… The only way to be safe in a resort area roadway used by pedestrians and motor vehicles is to—-SLOW DOWN. Drive waaaay slower than you think is necessary. Tip for the day: don’t think about the destination….Look around you and enjoy the journey; reduce your speed. A few minutes won’t make a difference. Take a deep breath and let it out. In this Covid world, Macatawa is a balm. Let the magic work.

Thank you for SLOWING DOWN!

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