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Macatawa 2020

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Welcome back, everyone! A perfect Memorial Day weekend, a weekend to help us forget, for a while, the “unprecedented times” we live in. And so:

  1. You may notice new (temporary) signs at the entrance to the gatehouse and within the Park: only residents and guests inside due to Covid-19.
  2. Similar signs are posted on the channel path to the lighthouse: temporarily closed to all, even to residents, due to Covid-19 and high water covering the walkways.
  3. Limit your time with gatehouse staff. Owners who rent: please send/give info on renters to staff to facilitate registration. Everyone: let staff know when you are expecting visitors. [email protected] or 616.298.1463. (And: 2020 contractors’ general gate code changes May 26.)
  4. The water levels are high on the big lake and the little lake–and rising. New no-wake zones are being created on Lake Macatawa, and the main beach at Macatawa is smaller than ever. Going south, the beach has either disappeared or is accessible only by a drop of several feet.
  5. All to say: residents of all sections of Macatawa Park, including our neighbors in The Cottages at PtWest Condo Association (CPWCA) will be using the same reduced parcel of sand. Therefore, an extra measure of thoughtfulness will be needed: PLEASE take your chairs and toys and umbrellas back with you. There is no extra room at the beach to leave your summer stuff, as has been the custom. PLEASE be aware of distancing with people not in your immediate tribe. No one will ‘make’ anyone distance or wear a mask, but use common sense. The coronavirus doesn’t discriminate.

Other than that, a Macatawa summer is here again! And we are glad to be back. Virtual hugs to all.

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