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End of Summer Goodbyes…

Posted by on 2 in Neighborhood News

Another Labor Day is upon us. For the Macatawa gatehouse staff , it means another summer is over. After Monday September 7, the gatehouse is closed. Please say your goodbyes with your good wishes to everyone who greeted you at the gatehouse when you arrived all summer long: Hope, Trevor, Emma, Hannah, and of course–Terry VandenBerg, our gatehouse manager (616.836.3649). It was a different summer, a distancing summer, with a short beach. But the weather was consistently spectacular, and Macatawa is always special. Thank you to everyone who ‘made it work’.

To all who rent or have work done off-season: please remember to give your renters/workers the contractors’ or general gate code to enter (NO personal PIN code).

To all: UPS/FedEx trucks will now enter the Park and deliver, without staff to collect & distribute. Please help direct when they look confused!

To all: Trash will be collected only on Tuesdays after Labor Day (included in your dues) until October. In October there is always a change, and you will be notified by our Trash Czar Mary Beth Mencarelli.

To all in North/Central Beach: please refrain from using motor vehicles on the sidewalks until at least mid-September. Late summer is always beautiful, and residents want to continue to enjoy the limited season without the disruption of cars & trucks.

Thank you– and here’s to friends and neighbors at Macatawa!

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