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Solstice Cheer

Posted by on 2 in Neighborhood News

Greetings from the windswept beaches of Macatawa. No snow on the Hills yet, and one barge was heading into Lake Macatawa today. But winter is on its way…

New residents and cottage owners are moving in, and the last of the new homes are being built in the PW1 area. We look forward to (please!) a less pandemically-oriented summer so that we can actually meet our new neighbors and invite them over! In the meantime, mask and stay safe. And have a most peaceful holiday season, into the New Year….saying goodbye and good riddance to 2020.

In the meantime, we are saddened to learn of the death of long-time Macatawa North Beach resident Rowena Kelley on November 20; we honor and celebrate the memory of this lively and active woman along with her daughters Claire (Clay) Hardon and Laura Cox. Her obituary was published by the Chicago Tribune. We’ll miss you, Rowena!

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