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Hello New Season

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Welcome back to Macatawa (soon!). The spring has been milder than last year and we are looking forward to seeing our Macatawa friends and neighbors.

Of course, cottage living means a re-acquaintance with trash and security guidelines.

  1. Trash: Republic will begin collecting curbside trash/recyclables Tuesday May 4, once a week for all sections for members of MPCA. Cottages at PtWest Condo Association will continue with its own program. The dumpster in the Upper Lot which serves the North/Central Beach sections will be removed at the end of April or first week in May. Beginning on the Tuesday after Memorial Day (June 1), trash will be collected twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays, through Labor Day. Please refer to page 56 of your MPCA Directory for additional information. All trash must be bagged and placed in containers. MPCA Trash Czar: Mary Beth Mencarelli.
  2. Security: We welcome back Terry VandenBerg, gatehouse manager of Macatawa Community Services. Terry will open and staff the gatehouse during weekends in May; the gatehouse will be staffed daily from Memorial Weekend through Labor Day weekend. Gatehouse attendants will maintain Park security, register guests & renters, deliver packages and clean the beach. Gate remotes (“clickers”) are for sale at the gatehouse, also. Please notify staff of expected visitors or renters to facilitate operations. Remember: give out only the general contractors’ PIN code to workers or friends to access the Park, not your own personal PIN code (this general PIN code changes Tuesday June 1 @ 8am and was included in your MPCA dues invoice). Gatehouse contact info: 616.298.1463; [email protected] Terry’s cell: 616.836.3649; [email protected] Keep our staff healthy! Please continue to distance and use Covid precautions.
  3. Neighbors: say hi! Visit, laugh, walk the beach. Be smart and stay safe– and have a great summer.

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