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Gatehouse News!

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Another sure sign of summer on the horizon: the snow fences are coming down. And: Macatawa Park manager Terry VandenBerg will be opening up and staffing the gatehouse this coming weekend…and every weekend during May. Beginning Memorial Weekend, the gatehouse is staffed daily.
You may recognize some of the staff–Terry’s daughters: Marisa, Emma, Hannah and Kayla. A newcomer is joining the group: Elyse TerHaar. Say hi as they welcome you back for another beautiful summer season. Reminders:

1. Remote gate openers (clickers) are available to buy at the gatehouse.
2. Remember to give out only the general contractors’ PIN code to your guests, plumber, etc. The 2021 PIN code will be in service the Tuesday after Memorial Day, June 1; until then, use last year’s.
3. It is helpful if you email/text gatehouse staff when you are expecting guests, workers, renters—for hospitality, efficiency, security. Thank you!
[email protected] 616.298.1463

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