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Busy Days

Posted by on 2 in Neighborhood News

Welcome back, Macatawans. Our quiet summer season always seems to be preceded by a noisy and busy spring, as cottages open up and carpenters, landscapers and other necessary workers descend upon the Park.

In the North and Central Beach areas, we do ask that motor vehicles stay off the sidewalks during the last two weeks of May and the first two weeks of October, when many residents begin living in their cottages. Sometimes it is necessary for vehicles to travel on the walks, such as landscapers. In these cases, please ask your workers to be very cognizant of where their vehicles are parked–the sidewalks are ‘roads’ and residents cannot access their cottages if the road is blocked. This happens on larger roads such as Bay Rd and Interlake, too. We try to get the major work done before Memorial Day, but let’s all be aware of the community dance that we all have to do: be thoughtful and communicate with your neighbor (especially if the work is early/noisy).

Note: let the gatehouse know about any visitors and parking–helps to facilitate their jobs and thus helps everyone.

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