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The Spirit of Macatawa will go on tonight as planned

Posted by on 2 in Neighborhood News

As many of you already know, the Macatawa community suffered a shock and sudden loss yesterday when a grandfather renting a cottage with his family in North Beach drowned. Our hearts go out to his family and all who tried to assist. Many were shaken and things still feel a little shaky this morning in the Macatawa flats.

During a season of time in which we are all seemingly having to expect the unexpected almost daily, we thought about canceling the event. However, the spirit of Macatawa will go on, in the wake of a difficult reminder that we are privileged to be here, that returning next season is not promised to us, and that perhaps the greatest privilege any of us can ever have is life itself.

So, we will walk together tonight in the recognition of that privilege mindful of a very recent loss, and wishing blessings on each other and on our community. If you’d like to join in as a walker, we will meet on Blue Bell Court about 30 minutes after sunset. We hope to see you along the way.

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