Holland MI
Partly sunny
humidity: 45%
wind speed: 4 mph S


Macatawa Park is an area of historical cottages dating from the 1800’s. Macatawa and its neighbor across the channel, Ottawa Beach, were originally American Indian lands which were ceded to the United States in 1821. By the 1870’s, steamboats and the railroad brought many visitors here during the hot summer months.  Lake Macatawa was officially named in 1935 (formerly Black Lake).  Macatawa Park itself was established in 1881 after a group of men acquired & platted land near the Holland harbor for a public park and pleasure resort; the Macatawa Park Association was formed later that year.  Several years of resorts, hotels, restaurants followed, with visitors and guests from all over the United States.

Today the Macatawa Park area still is a beautiful peninsula, with dunes dotted by seasonal cottages and occasional year-round residents.  Lake Michigan and its beautiful beaches continue to provide peace and beauty to those who take the time to enjoy it.  The Macatawa Park Cottagers’ Association (MPCA) is the body of volunteers who help to provide necessary services that keep the park running smoothly, winter and summer.  This website is one of those services.  Whether you are a guest or a cottage owner, we hope that you enjoy and support this organization.