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Neighborhood News

April 26, 2021

Another sure sign of summer on the horizon: the snow fences are coming down. And: Macatawa Park manager Terry VandenBerg will be opening up and staffing the gatehouse this coming weekend…and every weekend during May. Beginning Memorial Weekend, the gatehouse is staffed daily.You may recognize some of the staff–Terry’s daughters: Marisa, Emma, Hannah and Kayla. … Continue reading Gatehouse News!

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April 11, 2021

Welcome back to Macatawa (soon!). The spring has been milder than last year and we are looking forward to seeing our Macatawa friends and neighbors. Of course, cottage living means a re-acquaintance with trash and security guidelines. Trash: Republic will begin collecting curbside trash/recyclables Tuesday May 4, once a week for all sections for members … Continue reading Hello New Season

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