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RENTER Policies

Macatawa Park is a unique environment in which more than 200 homes and families coexist and share in the experience that is Macatawa. We ask renters to be aware of  residents and park policies while they enjoy their stay.  Please review the rental policy brochure you will receive at the gatehouse, many of the policies are also below.

Pet/Beach Rules

Dogs must be kept on leash at all times, this is a Macatawa policy as well as a local and state law for parks. Please clean up after your pet!

If you are using the beach, please remove all items from the beach at the end of each day and store them back at the cottage.  Items left on the beach may be tagged or removed.  No squatting!

No Fires/Trash/Buoys

There are no fires in Macatawa. Please attend grills at all times.
Keep a 75-foot hose attached to outside faucet near any grill.
Please follow the trash protocols a) all trash must be bagged b) do not overfill trash containers c) trash pick-up varies by season so please check with the gatehouse. Most cottages are paying for two trash containers.  If you are renting and using more than the allotted trash containers, you should contact your owner and ask them to cover the costs of additional trash service.
Motorized boats and other watercraft are not permitted in the swim buoy areas.

General Rules

Quiet hours are from 11:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.  Please be careful to observe quiet hours as many residents live and work in Macatawa.
No motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed on sidewalks during season, including electric bikes or other motorized equipment may be operated on walks during season.
Commercial vehicles should be met and escorted by cottage owner/renter.  No commercial drop offs on the sidewalks between memorial day and labor day.
Speed limit on roads is 15 mph, 5 mph in the upper parking lot.
Keep walks and roads bordering your cottage free of sand and litter, toys, bikes, or other items.
There is no smoking in public spaces in Macatawa.

Drones of any kind are not allowed.  This is a Park Township law as well as a Macatawa policy.

Please park only in your designated parking space (s).  Drop offs are not allowed at the end of the “chute” at the beginning or end of your stay.  The end of the chute is a designated fire safety zone and must be kept clear at all times.