Our resort and beach are private property for the use of cottagers, renters and invited guests only.

Lighthouse visitors: There are four parking spaces available for one hour. It is approximately a quarter of a mile walk to Big Red. Follow the designated signs and map. Please respect the cottagers’ privacy, property and beach area.

Walkers/Bikers: You must leave backpacks, beach chairs and other beach items at the guardhouse.

Motorcycles and motorized vehicles: These are not allowed beyond the designated lighthouse parking spaces.

Golf carts and similar vehicles: If you are using a golf cart or similar vehicle, you must stay on the main roads. Sidewalks are off limits in season for any motorized vehicles. Golf carts must also be parking in designated parking spaces.  Drop-offs are permitted at the end of the upper parking lot but lease do not park your golf cart at the end of the upper parking lot. This is a fire safety zone and you may be towed.

We thank you for respecting our traditions and how we live on this glorious peninsula!

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